Foba G10 UV 5 axis Laser Marking Machine, 2013


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Machine Type: Laser Engravers
Make: Foba
Model: G10 UV
Year: 2013
Capacity: 5 Watt
Machine Location: California
Stock #: 366117

CW Power: 5W
Peak Power: 5kW(20kHz)
Wavelength: 355nm
Pulse Duration: 0.4-100kHz

Universal 3D-Tester 80360 Alignment & Positioning Indicator, Analog
2x Jenoptik F-Theta JENar f=103mm 355nm lens (sn: FE0869)
Vollquarzobjecktiv FO-110254 f=214mm 355nm fused silica lens (sn: 21417069)
Alltec FO-110202 f=160mm 355nm lens (sn: 15710042)
Sill S4LFT1330/075 f=330mm 355nm fused silica lens (sn: 183384)
Sill S6ASS4107/075 7x Beam Expander 355nm / UV RS (sn: 161009)
Lens ring 19,5 001-M0000000824-K10087-27.0
Lens ring M0000000830 M10336-5 CH 10.07.2012 K10087
Lens ring UV100 adapter
Metal lens cover
Replacement Card FO-105321 Board FIO V11 F-COM (new sealed)
Wacom DTH-2400 Cintiq 24HD Touch Tablet Display
Dell Keyboard
Dell Mouse
Misc spare hardware: Spare fuses, connector blocks, conduit nuts, screws for VESA mount, cabinet key, laser key.

Windows XP SP3
Fobagraf F-443-01-2042
Fobamark 11.4

Hours: 9741

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