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Haas ST-35Y CNC Lathe, 2022 – 20 Hrs of Production, Live Tooling Included!


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Swing: 31.75″
Machining Length: 23″
Chuck Size: 12″
Bar Capacity: 4″
Power: 40 hp
Max RPM: 3,200 RPM
Turning Diameter: 18″
Tailstock: No
Live Tooling: Yes

X-Axis Travel: 9.4″
Y-Axis Travel: 4.0″
Z-Axis Travel: 32.5″
X-Axis Max Thrust: 4100 LBF
Y-Axis Max Thrust: 2300 LBF
Z-Axis Max Thrust: 5100 LBF
Rapids on X: 472 in/min (12.0 m/min)
Rapids on Y: 472 in/min (12.0 m/min)
Rapids on Z: 945 in/min (24.0 m/min)

Number of Tools: 12 Stations
OD vs ID Tools: Any combination Tool
Size (OD Turning): 1”

Coolant Capacity: 55 U.S. Gallons
Air Required: 4 scfm at 100 psi

Spindle Speed: 0 to 3200 RPM
Spindle Torque: 425 ft-lb (576 Nm) @
325 RPM Spindle Torque w/opt Gearbox……… 1400 ft-lb (1898 Nm) @ 150 RPM
Peak Horsepower: 40 hp (29.8 kW)
Spindle Nose: A2-8
Spindle Bore: Ø4.62″ (117.3 mm)
Draw Tube Bore: Ø4.06″ (103.1 mm)

Swing Diameter: 20.5″
Chuck Size: 12″
Bar Capacity: 4″
Max Cutting Diameter: 12”
1 Maximum Cutting Length: 32.5″
1 Max Diameter Varies with Turret.
2 Max cutting length varies with workholding.

Dimensions: 186″ x 104″ x 81″ H

Equipped With:
HPC1K High-Pressure Coolant 1000psi ATP Automatic Tool Presetter Conveyor Belt-Type Chip Conveyor HIL-24V High-Intensity Lighting
PCAT Parts Catcher System
PTS Programmable Hydraulic Tailstock
Chip Strainer Chip Tray Filter Kit
Liner Kit 4.00 12 Universal Liner Set 0.75″ to 3.125″
MMT Productivity Machine Configuration and Training
(2) RB65ID100 Redline 1″ID Boring Bar for BMT65 Turret (2) RB65ID150 Redline 1.5″ID Boring Bar for BMT65 Turret