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Janda PLSL-36 Longitudinal Seam Welder 2006


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Medar 1000 amp Inverter Coritral
[Leeson Model No. C42D17FK8C 12 HP 180 VDG Motor
Windsmith Speed Reducer
Roman 250 KVA Inverter Transforer
SMC Model INo. AC4D-04-2 FRL [SMC Model INo. INVFR2100-3F2 Valve
SMC Model No. INVS4 144-0009DP SMC Model Io. VIS4 124-01090 Vaive
Parker 08.00 JB2MAUS4A 5.00 8° Bore Cylinder
ISMC 2.00 D2MAU34A-2.00 Cylinder
| 1/27 x 12° Dia. Class 2 Copper Weid Wheel
1/2° x 5 7/8° Dia, Class 2 Copper Weid Wheel
Lower Seam Weld Shaft
Right Angle Drive
Linemaster 3 Stage Foot Switch Model 575-DWHO