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Lissmac Posimat PB160, Manual Pneumatic Balancer


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Machine Type: Fabrication
Make: Lissmac
Model: Posimat PB160
Year: 1900
Machine Location: Utah
Stock #: 050403

Load-carrying capacity without load suspension devices, without counterweight: 353 lbs.
Load-carrying capacity without load suspension devices, with counterweight: 485 lbs.
Hoisting height: 65″
Working area, standard: 204″
Working area up to max.: 228″
Standard jib length: 102″
Jib length up to max.: 114″
Hoisting arm length: 67″
Design height of machine without pillar: 29″
Design height OK hoisting device on pillar: 146″
Pillar height: 79″
Range of rotation, main axis, hoisting arm continuous
Pivot area axis folding arm: 320 °
Range of rotation, pivo joint: 320 °
Jib counterweight: 34″
Max. torque, axis: 8.48 ft lb
Max. torque, axis: 3.09 ft lb
Max. torque, axis: 0.73 ft lb
Drive: pneumatic
Hoisting speed: 0-30 m/min.
Min. operating pressure: 6 bar
Air consumption / max. stroke.: 61 NL
Noise level: 78 db (A)
Ambient temperature: -15 / + 70 °C
Dead weight without counterweight and pillar: 772 lbs
Counterweight: 441 lbs

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