Okuma LB15C CNC Lathe, 1988 – Tailstock


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Machine Type: CNC Lathes
Make: Okuma
Model: LB15C
Year: 1988
Machine Location: Massachusetts
Stock #: 167389


Number of controlled axes: 2
Swing over bed: 15.75 in.
Max turning diameter: 8.27(without talkstock spec: 9.84) in.
Max work length 19.69 (without tailstock spec: 9.06) in.

Spindle diameter 3.94 / 2.20
Spindle nose ASA A2-6
Internal taper of spindle: MT No.6
Range of spindle speed: 70~3800 (Auto. 2 ranges x Infinitely variable) RPM
Cross-slide travel (X-axis) 5.91 in
Longitudinal travel (Z-axis) 20.47 in
Cutting federate 0.0001-40.000 (both axes) HP

TURRET: Type and No. f tool stations: Auto Vert v12
Quill dia./stroke : 3.54/4.72 in
Center Taper : MT No.5
MAIN MOTOR: AC 10/15 (cont./30 min.) HP
FLOOR PSACE: 74×108 in
NET WEIGHT: 9900 lbs


• X, Z simultaneous 2-axis control
• Positioning, linear interpolation and circular interpolation.
• Position feedback of closed loop system by OSP absolute
position encoder (no zero return required).
• Tape format of N4 G2 X+44 Z+44 l+44 K+44 F+34 P+4 S4
• Photoelectric bi directional tape reader, 200 cps.
• Tape code of ISO (R840) or EIA (RS-244A) switchable.
• Combined use of absolute/incremental programming.
• Minimum input increment: 0.0001 in. for both X-(in dia.)
• Maximum input dimension: +9999.9999 in. (8-digit decimal
• Programmable unit: Selectable by parameter 1 or
0.0001 in. units.
• Direct feedrate programming in IPR or IPM
Feedrate override from 0 to 200% in 13 steps.
• Dwell: 0.01 to 9 9 9 9 9 . 9 9 sec.
• Tool selection: Max. 12 stations
• Tool offset selection: 32 pairs. Max. offset value: +9999.9999 in.
• Automatic tool offset calculation.
• Tool nose radius compensation.
• Direct spindle rpm command: 4-digit S command.
• Constant cutting speed control.
• Spindle speed override: In 50 to 200% range.
• Max. spindle rpm limitation: To set high rpm limit.
• Manual functions: Spindle CW/jog/CCW, turret index,
coolant ON/OFF, manual jog feed, spindle speed range
• Miscellaneous functions: Single block, machine lock, block
delete, optional stop, dry run, overtravel release, etc.
• CRT graphic/character display.
• Status indication.
• Memory mode operation.
• Multi-task functions.
• Self-diagnostic functions.
• Sidauto manual mode & auto restart.
• Darieting on flat, tol of et, travel limit, chuck
• Arc radius direct program function.
• Taper angle direct program function.
• Automatic chamfering.
• Theading lead range from 0.0001 to 40.0000 in.
• Thread cutting by fixed cycle (G33/G32) and non-fixed cycle
• Chamfering ON/OFF in thread cutting.
• Feed hold during thread cutting.
• Inch thread cutting by specifying number of threads.
• Special fixed thread cutting cycle.
• Grooving cycle program in one sequence.
• Drilling cycle program in one sequence.
• Lathe auto-programming function (LAP)
• User task 1: For GOTO and IF statements, arithmetic
operations, extensive address characters,
common variables, and local variables.
• User task 2: Subprograms (CALL, RTS, MODIN, and
MODOUT statements), trigonometric functions
(SIN, COS, TAN, square root, plus logics), and
system variables (zero offset, tool offset).
• FACIT puncher interface (for 8-bit parallel and RS232C).
• Chuck open/close by M codes.
• Tailstock quill advance/retract by M codes.
• Interactive graphic MDI function (IGF)

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