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Best Places to Sell Used Fabrication Equipment

The U.S. Industrial Machinery and Equipment Wholesaling market is worth a massive $322.9 billion and 2024 shows no signs of slowing down. Whether you’ve got a single used fabrication machine sitting idle or an entire machine shop, it’s a great time to offload your fabrication equipment and secure a fair price on the used equipment market.

From industrial auction platforms and online marketplaces to selling locally, the number of places to sell used fabrication equipment has increased over the years, making it hard to know where to go to find buyers who will pay top dollar for your used machinery.

While you can post your used equipment locally on Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Groups, or Craigslist, there are plenty of downsides from receiving no offers, offers that are too low, or worse yet, scams. This can leave your used fabrication machines sitting idle for weeks or months and cause you unnecessary hassle.

Below, we’ll go through a variety of online used industrial equipment marketplaces that can get your equipment listed, advertised to an audience who’s looking to purchase used fabrication equipment like yours, and get it sold quickly, giving you a fair price and taking idle equipment off your hands.


eBay Online Marketplace

eBay is a great option for selling your used fabrication equipment, but can have its drawbacks if you’re limited on time or are new to the online marketplace. eBay offers a Business & Industrial section where you can buy and sell equipment. eBay offers a seller help section that can help you in setting up an account, equipment listings, fees, sales, shipping, returns, refunds and more. In addition to creating listings with photos, videos, machine specifications, and other details, you can pay to have promoted listings, helping them to stand out and increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Unlike selling your used equipment to a dealer or through an auction, with eBay, you do need to keep refunds in mind as customers have up to 45 days to request a refund. Seller reputation is something that eBay takes very seriously, ensuring buyers can not only trust the website as a whole, but the individual sellers as well. If you’ve never sold on eBay before, your reputation is non-existent until purchases are made and feedback is sent by the buyers. This could lead to your used fabrication equipment being listed much longer as buyers tend to purchase from sellers with good feedback. While there can be some drawbacks, if you’re not in a rush to sell your used equipment and have the time to set up an account and manage your listings, eBay could be a good option.


Used Fabrication Equipment Auctions

Online equipment auctions may be a viable option when you’ve got multiple pieces of used process equipment or a facility that may be closing due to retirement, layoffs, or any other reason. It’s important to work with an industrial equipment auctioneer who specializes in the fabrication equipment you’re looking to sell.

When researching auction companies, look for past auctions they’ve held to ensure they’ve got the knowledge and experience to handle the type and amount of equipment you’re looking to get rid of as well as upcoming equipment auctions. Look for customer testimonials and reach out to see what equipment auction services they offer and the costs associated with them. Used machinery auctioneers should have the staff to not only answer all of your questions and keep you updated throughout the process, but the resources to send experts out for a site visit in order to give you a valuation. Selling your equipment at auction gives you the benefit of being involved as much or as little as you want to be. From the first phone call to final payment, a reputable equipment auctioneer can handle your auction no matter the size or industry.

Used Equipment Dealers

Used machinery dealers don’t offer a one size fits all approach. Instead, you’ll find they offer multiple options when it comes to selling your equipment from different advertising options like social media ads, email marketing, and reputable online marketplaces such as eBay to cast a wide net to different selling options such as purchasing the equipment directly from you, consignment, and asset liquidation or industrial auctions. By working with a used equipment liquidation company, your used fabrication machinery can be 5 to 6 times more likely to sell than listing it on your own due to the expanded customer outreach efforts they implement on multiple online platforms.

Trusted used equipment brokers will handle the marketing, negotiations, and logistics of the sale of your used machinery pieces so you can focus your time on your core business operations. If you’re looking to sell used equipment quickly for cash while ensuring it’s marketed to a wide audience with little work from your end, working with a used equipment dealer may be the best route to take.


Choose What Works Best For You

These are just some of the top online marketplaces you can sell used fabrication equipment with. Do you have used fabrication equipment sitting idle? The experts at Revelation Machinery buy and sell used fabrication equipment whether it’s a single machine, a warehouse, or multiple facilities across the country. We’re ready to help get you the maximum value for your used fabrication equipment now! Fill out a form or reach out to our equipment experts today!