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7 Types of Industrial Mixers and Their Benefits

Industrial mixers are indispensable in a wide range of industries, from food processing and pharmaceuticals to chemical manufacturing and construction. They play a crucial role in blending, homogenizing, and emulsifying various materials. We’ll explore seven types of industrial mixers and their benefits, including how used commercial mixers can offer cost-effective solutions.


Ribbon Mixers

Ribbon mixers, with their double helical ribbon agitators, are ideal for gentle blending of dry powders and granules. They provide a homogeneous mix while minimizing material degradation. Used commercial ribbon mixers are cost-effective options for businesses looking to maintain product quality without the high price tag of a new machine.


Paddle Mixers

Paddle mixers, also known as plow mixers, feature paddle-shaped agitators that rotate through the material. They are excellent for mixing cohesive and adhesive powders. Used industrial paddle mixers offer a budget-friendly alternative for achieving thorough mixing and granulation.


High Shear Mixers

High shear mixers are designed for applications requiring intense shear forces, such as emulsifying, dispersing, and homogenizing. They are commonly used in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Opting for a used high shear mixer can save substantial costs while maintaining precise processing capabilities.


Planetary Mixers

Planetary mixers are versatile machines with a unique mixing action. The mixing bowl rotates while the agitator revolves on its own axis. This results in efficient blending and kneading of various materials, making planetary mixers a go-to choice for bakeries and confectioneries. Used commercial planetary mixers are available at a fraction of the price of new ones, making them a cost-effective solution for small businesses.


Batch Mixers

Batch mixers are used for precise blending of a predetermined quantity of materials in a single batch. They are highly customizable to suit specific industry needs. Investing in a used batch mixer can be a practical choice, allowing businesses to access top-tier mixing capabilities without the upfront costs associated with new equipment.


Continuous Mixers

Continuous mixers, as the name suggests, provide a continuous flow of mixed material. They are excellent for large-scale production processes where a consistent blend is required. Purchasing a used industrial continuous mixer can significantly reduce initial capital expenditure while still meeting high production demands.


Double Arm Mixers

Double arm mixers, also known as sigma blade mixers, are designed for heavy-duty mixing, kneading, and blending of viscous materials, such as rubber compounds and adhesives. These mixers are robust and durable, making them an attractive option for businesses seeking reliable machinery. Choosing a used double arm mixer can be a cost-effective way to acquire a workhorse machine for your industrial processes.



Industrial mixers come in various types, each tailored to specific mixing needs and industries. Whether you require gentle blending, intense shear forces, or continuous production, there’s a mixer type suited to your requirements. When budget constraints are a consideration, exploring the market for used commercial mixers can be a smart move.

Used mixers often offer excellent value for businesses, providing the same level of performance and reliability as new machines but at a significantly reduced cost. The benefits of purchasing used mixers include cost savings, immediate availability, and the ability to access high-quality machinery without compromising on functionality or efficiency. So, whether you’re in the food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical, or any other industry that relies on mixing equipment, consider exploring the world of used industrial mixers to meet your operational needs while maximizing your budget.


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