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ironwork Ironworkers are known in the machining industry for being versatile. They can shear, form/bend, notch or even punch metal. They also tend to make much cleaner cuts, holes, and notches in metal than other machines. Ironworkers also come in various sizes, styles, and prices. They can perform faster than lasers and band saws. Various materials can be used with Ironworkers including stainless steel, cast iron, alloys, copper, aluminum, brass, and mild steel. You can perform up to five operations with one Ironworker machine! Ironworkers can vary anywhere from single-station to five-station. There are several different types of Ironworkers that are sold by manufacturers. Below we will go over some of the most popular Ironworker brands.

  • Durma- Durma has been around for 60+ years managing facilities in over 156 countries. They have energy efficient machines that have industry 4.0 technology. One of their popular machines is the IW Iron Worker. It is capable of performing high volume jobs and can be operated by only one foot pedal.  This machine is able to perform angle shearing, flat shearing, punching, bar sharing and notching. Durma offers dual cylinder Ironworkers in 55, 80, 100, 110, 150, 165, 180 and 300 tons. Click here for a video of the IW Series.
  • ScotchmanWith over 50 years of manufacturing experience, this American manufacturer is the largest and oldest manufacturer of Hydraulic Ironworker Scotchman still stocks parts for machines that they built in the 1970’s! They carry Ironworkers from 40-150 ton capacity and have 3 different types available. The Component Tool concept, Fully Integrated concept and the Dual Operator concept. Here is a short video explaining the types that they may carry! One of their popular models is the Fully Integrated 50514-EC which comes with a 5th workstation.
  • Edwards ManufacturingSince 1875, this company has been around to know the machining industry. Between the 1930’s and 1980’s they began to focus on Metal Culverts and Manual Shears. Eventually, these products evolved into the ironworkers you know today! They have over 10 models (Jaws and Elite) that range from 40-120 tons as well as the ability to use over 11 interchangeable attachments, over 12 accessories and even 4 available workstations for most of their machines. This allows the customization that your shop may need. Click here for a short informational video on one of their popular machines, the 110 Ton Elite Ironworker.
  • Piranha-This company was founded back in the 1970s and have been producing quality machines ever since. Their machines are available in 50-140 tons and come with several standard features that not many other manufacturers include. Some of those features include a low rake angle on flat bar shear, direct line of sight over the hold-down bar, low rake angle on coper notcher, urethan stripper attachment, quick change tooling (using their own unique dovetail design) and automatic urethane hold-downs. Piranha has ensured that their ironworkers are easily adaptable and have material feed systems where you do not need to adjust the height between stations. Here is a video showing a demonstration of a Piranha P65 Ironworker at Fabtech!

     Revelation Machinery can always help you find what you need! If you have any questions about Ironworkers or need to find a specific brand/type, please feel free to contact us! If you need to sell your used Ironworkers, do so here!