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Amada-HD-NT-Series-BrakeWith revenues over $2.75 billion and over 70 years of industry experience; Amada continues to create top-quality machines that always hold their value after continuous years of use.  That is why it is one of our most requested and trusted brands that we have been reselling.  One of our very own salesman, Mike Loehr, even chimed in saying, “Amada to me is getting that trusted check-mark for most.  A lot of people in this industry have been around for a long time and they want something that will last.  Their machines are headache-free.”  Of course, there are lots of other brands that we could recommend, but we have seen (especially for press brakes) that Amada press brakes are always a top choice when it comes to our inventory.


Amada stays competitive by constantly innovating new machinery and perfecting the machines they have.  Their philosophy of “Growing with our customers”, really aligns with the feedback we have received from our customers.  This company has always considered its customer’s needs when innovating.  Amada strives to continue to create new machines and new technology to assist their customers in achieving the highest productivity possible.


They even try to reduce their carbon footprint as much as they can by providing eco-friendly machines such as their HD NT series press brake.  The HD NT Series is an electric/hydraulic, down-acting system, and features a hybrid drive system that uses less energy.  It even requires less hydraulic fluid!  Less hydraulic fluid means less oil changes and we all know that means extra cash in your pocket.  The hydraulic pump motors are only active when the ram is in motion.  The HD NT Series press brake has programmable ram tilting and 50% off-center bending capacity.  This allows for a quick setup of multi-stage part bending.  Going back to what one of our salesman, Mike, had to say about them, “It is plug and play with Amada press brakes.”  Want to see exactly what this machine is all about?  Here is a video they provide on their YouTube channel about this press brake!


HG-Rm1303Amada continues to impress us with their new machines.  Have you seen the newest press brake with a robotic arm?  The HG 1303 Rm has a robotic bending system for processing parts that are too big for only one operator to manage.  It not only provides a safer way to complete the tougher jobs, but it saves your company time.  This machine also has intuitive offline programming software.  The key to this machine having excellent precision is the advanced crowing system in the lower beam that’s combined with automatic bend angle sensors as well as a potentiometer backgauge system.  The movement of the robotic arm is so smooth and precise.  Look at it in action in this informative video Amada provides.


It takes a long time to build the kind of reputation that Amada has built in the manufacturing industry.  Their reputation of trust and durability with the machines they create is unparalleled.  That is why customers like Amada press brakes.


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