GFC 4 Stage Stainless Steel Spray Parts Washer, 2016 – Overhead Conveyor, Heat Dry, Reverse Osmosis


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Max Part Size: 48″ Long x 72″ High x 18″ Wide
Washer Opening Size: 84″ High x 24″ Wide
Conveyor Type: Enclosed Overhead Track
Conveyor Speed: 2 FPM
Weight Capacity: 50 Lb Per Rack
Requirements: FM, NEC, NFPA and OSHA

Wash Stages:
Chemical Wash/Drain (135-153 degrees F)
Water Rinse/Drain
Recirculated RO Rinse
Final RO Halo, Heated Blow-off (150-200 degrees F) & Cool Down

Type of Fuel: Natural Gas
Electrics: 240 V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz

4 Stage Stainless Steel Spray Washer
Reverse Osmosis System
Heated Blow-off System
Enclosed Track Overhead Conveyor System
Submersible Sump Pumps
Exhaust Stack for Spray Washer & Burner Tube Vent