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Wobide AMGS1000 Heavy Duty Single Shaft Plastic Shredder With AMGH 800/600 Heavy Duty Plastic Crusher Equipped With 2 x Conveyor Belts + Silo Blower System + Control Panels


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Belt width: 800mm
Conveyor length: 5000mm
Mating power: 3kw
Conveyor speed: 0-150rpm
Material: Rubber material and 45# carbon steel.


Capacity: 800-1000 K/h.
Model: AMGS1000
Rotor length: 1000mm
Rotor rotating diameter: 450mm.
Number of rotating knives: 63 pcs.
Number of fixed knives: 3 pcs.
Blade size: 40×40×25mm and material: D2.
Rotation speed: 78 RPM.
Motor power: 75 Kw.
Gearbox model: 207#
Hydraulic press power: 4kw
Feeding material size:1440×1030mm
Shredding room: 1000×1000mm
Number of motor belts: 4 belts
Screen size:50mm.
Discharging size from floor: 600mm.
Machine weight: 7000 Kg.
Machine dimension: 2880 x 2180 x 2580mm
Parts: two sets belts.

Conveyor #2

Width: 600mm
Length: 6000mm
Motor: 1.5kw
Material: PVC belt and 45# steel.

Plastic Crusher

Model: AMGH800/600
Infeed opening: 800X705mm
Rotor diameter: 600mm
Rotor width: 800mm
Screen size: 16mm
Fixed blade: 4pcs
Rotor blades: 10pcs
Main power: 55kw.
Hydraulic mower: 1.5kw
Machine size: 2100X1750X3200mm
Machine weight: 3500kg
Parts: 2 sets belts.