Precision & Performance: Top Used DMG Mori Machines

DMG Mori, a globally recognized leader in manufacturing technology, offers a range of advanced CNC machines known for their precision, innovation, and reliability. Opting for used DMG Mori machines can be a strategic decision for manufacturers seeking cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Let’s explore some of the top used DMG Mori machines that stand out in the market.


DMU Series – Universal Machining Centers:

The DMU series of universal machining centers from DMG Mori is highly versatile and renowned for its simultaneous 5-axis machining capabilities. These machines are designed for complex milling and turning operations with the ability to handle multi-sided parts in a single setup. Used DMU machines offer advanced features, including high-speed spindles, dynamic control systems, and precision in multi-axis machining.


NLX Series – CNC Turning Centers:

The NLX series of CNC turning centers by DMG Mori is celebrated for its precision in turning operations. These machines are equipped with robust spindles, turret configurations for tool changes, and advanced control systems. Used NLX machines offer reliability and efficiency in producing high-precision turned parts, making them suitable for a range of applications across industries.


NHX Series – Horizontal Machining Centers:

DMG Mori’s NHX series of horizontal machining centers is designed for high-speed and high-precision machining. These machines feature horizontal spindle orientations, allowing for efficient chip evacuation and improved stability. Used NHX machines offer advanced spindle technology, fast tool changes, and versatile machining capabilities, making them suitable for various production needs.


CTX Series – CNC Turning and Milling Centers:

The CTX series of CNC turning and milling centers is known for its multitasking capabilities. These machines combine turning and milling operations in a single setup, enhancing efficiency and reducing cycle times. Used CTX machines from DMG Mori offer a flexible solution for complex machining tasks, accommodating a wide range of part geometries.


CMX Series – Vertical Machining Centers:

DMG Mori’s CMX series of vertical machining centers is designed for efficient and precise milling operations. These machines feature a vertical spindle orientation, providing stability and ease of chip evacuation. Used CMX machines offer advanced control systems, rigid structures, and high-speed spindles, making them suitable for a variety of machining applications.


Lasertec Series – Additive Manufacturing and Laser Deposition:

The Lasertec series from DMG Mori combines additive manufacturing and laser deposition capabilities with traditional machining. These hybrid machines enable the production of complex parts with intricate geometries. Used Lasertec machines from DMG Mori offer a unique solution for industries looking to explore the possibilities of additive manufacturing.



When considering used DMG Mori machines, buyers benefit from the brand’s commitment to quality, innovation, and advanced technology. These machines, even in their used state, retain their reputation for precision and performance. The decision to choose used DMG Mori machines is often driven by the cost savings offered compared to purchasing new equipment, making them a strategic investment for manufacturers looking to enhance their machining capabilities.

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