Bending the Future: Unveiling the Rich History of Accurpress Press Brakes

Accurpress, a prominent player in the metal forming industry, has a rich history that spans several decades, marked by innovation, growth, and a commitment to providing cutting-edge press brake solutions. Let’s delve into the intriguing journey of Accurpress press brakes.

Founded in the early 1970s in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, Accurpress began its venture as a regional manufacturer specializing in press brakes and shears. The company quickly gained recognition for its dedication to precision and quality craftsmanship, setting the foundation for its future success.

In the late 1970s, Accurpress introduced its first hydraulic press brake, marking a pivotal moment in the company’s history. This innovation was a game-changer, as hydraulic systems offered improved control and flexibility in metal forming processes compared to traditional mechanical systems.

The 1980s witnessed Accurpress expanding its market reach and product offerings. The company’s commitment to technological advancements led to the development of the Accurpress Vision Control, an early CNC backgauge system that significantly enhanced the accuracy and repeatability of bending operations. This technological leap set a new standard in the industry and positioned Accurpress as a frontrunner in press brake innovation.

As the demand for advanced bending solutions grew, Accurpress continued to evolve its product line. In the 1990s, the introduction of the ETS CNC control system further solidified Accurpress’s reputation for cutting-edge technology. This advanced control system empowered operators with increased programming capabilities and improved efficiency in metal forming operations.

The 2000s marked a period of global expansion for Accurpress as the company extended its presence into international markets. This expansion was accompanied by the launch of the highly regarded Accurpress Advantage Series, featuring a host of technological enhancements, ergonomic designs, and improved energy efficiency.

Accurpress’s commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement has been a driving force throughout its history. Today, the company stands as a leading provider of precision press brakes, known for their reliability, advanced technology, and versatility in meeting the diverse needs of manufacturers worldwide.



The history of Accurpress press brakes is a testament to a journey fueled by innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence. From humble beginnings to becoming a global industry leader, Accurpress continues to shape the landscape of metal forming technology, reflecting a legacy built on precision, quality, and a forward-thinking approach to meeting the evolving needs of the manufacturing sector.

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