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Star SB-20 R Type G Swiss Lathe, 2016 - LNS Hydrobar 3.20, 515 Cutting Hours


This machine is no longer available. Please contact us to find a similar machine.
Machine Type:
Swiss Lathe - CNC
SB-20 R Type G
Main Spindle Specs:
Number Of Axes: 7
Main Spindle (headstock): z1 / C1 Axis
Main Spindle Platen: x1 / Y1 Axis
Max. Machining Diameter: 20 Mm / 22.2 Mm (option)
Headstock Stroke (swiss Type / Ngb Mode) 205 Mm / 50 Mm
Main Spindle Power: 3.7 Kw
Main Spindle Speed: 10,000 Rpm
Main Spindle Tooling
Turning Tool: 6 Tools @ 12 Mm Sq
Drilling Arm Sleeve Holder Capacity 4 X Ø 22 Mm Sleeves (er16)
Power Driven Tool (pdt) Positions: 2 + 3 Modular Stations
Max (pdt) Speed: 10,000 Rpm (er11) / 6,000 Rpm (er16)

Sub-Spindle Specs:
Sub Spindle: x2 / Z2 / C2 Axis
Max. Chucking Diameter: 20 Mm / 22.2 Mm (option)
Sub Spindle Power: 1.1 Kw
Sub Spindle Speed: 9,000 Rpm
Sub Spindle Tooling
Back-Working Platen Positions: 4
Max Drill Sleeve Capacity: er16
Power Driven Tool (pdt) Positions: 4 (er16)
Max (pdt) Speed: 8,000 Rpm

Equipped with:
FANUC 0I-TD Control
Cross Drilling/Milling Unit ER16
LNS Super Hyrdrobar 3.20
High Pressure Pump
Mist Collector

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