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Answering the Top Questions Asked by Auction Sellers

Selling industrial equipment and machinery through auctions is a strategic choice for many businesses. Whether you’re liquidating assets or simply upgrading your equipment, auctions provide a platform to reach potential buyers and achieve competitive prices. If you’re considering selling used equipment through an industrial auction house, you’re likely to have some questions. We’ll address the top questions asked by auction sellers in the realm of machinery and equipment auctions.


1. How Do I Choose the Right Auctioneer?

Selecting the right machinery auctioneer or is crucial. Look for experience and a solid understanding of your industry. Do they have a track record of successful past auctions? Do they host an auction every few months or do they have a full calendar of upcoming equipment auctions? Additionally, consider their marketing reach, as a broader audience often results in better prices for your equipment.


2. What Type of Equipment Sells Well at Auctions?

Industrial equipment auctions typically attract a wide range of buyers. Machinery, construction equipment, manufacturing tools, and vehicles are among the most common items sold. However, virtually any used equipment in good condition can find a buyer at auction.


3. How Do I Get Paid After An Auction Ends

Most industrial auction companies will provide you with a detailed financial report of the project and final payment to you once the auction is complete and all invoices are paid.


4. What Are the Fees and Costs Involved?

Auction sellers typically pay fees, which can include marketing expenses, auctioneer commissions, and administrative costs. These fees vary depending on the auction company and the value of the equipment being sold. Ensure you have a clear understanding of the fee structure before proceeding.

5. How Do I Prepare My Equipment for Auction?

Properly preparing your equipment for auction can increase its appeal to potential buyers. This includes cleaning, performing maintenance, and providing a detailed description of the item’s condition. Your auctioneer can guide you through the preparation process.

If you have an asset list available, share it with the auctioneer team. The more details, the better. Buyers are going to want to know everything about a piece of equipment they’re interested in. While our team will take photos and videos, providing them with any photos and videos you have, as well as machine specifications, service records, spare parts, available tooling, warranties, and any additional information can go a long way in ensuring your auction is a success.

Interested in Selling Your Equipment at Auction?

We can help! Contact us today to learn more about our auction services. We would love to learn more about your available assets and discuss the various options available to you.

6. Is There a Best Time to Auction My Equipment?

Timing can impact the success of your machinery auction. Consider factors like market demand, economic conditions, and seasonal trends in your industry. While there’s no universal “best” time, discussing the timing with your auctioneer can help you make an informed decision.

7. What Happens if My Equipment Doesn’t Sell?

If your equipment doesn’t sell you have options. You can relist it in a future auction, negotiate with potential buyers after the auction, or explore other avenues to sell the equipment,

8. How Do I Promote My Auction?

Effective marketing is essential for a successful machinery auction. Reputable asset liquidation companies offer a variety of industrial auction services which include customized marketing plans and use a combination of online listings, industry connections, and targeted advertising to reach potential buyers. Ensure your auctioneer has a robust marketing strategy in place.

9. What Happens After the Auction Closes?

After the auction ends, the industrial auction company handles the payment collection and transfer of ownership. Be prepared to provide necessary documentation, such as titles or maintenance records, to facilitate a smooth transition.


10. How Do I Maximize the Value of My Equipment?

To maximize the value of your equipment, focus on accurate descriptions, preparing your equipment for auction, and comprehensive marketing. A well-prepared, well-promoted auction can attract competitive bids, ultimately benefiting your bottom line.



Selling equipment at machinery auctions can be a strategic move for businesses looking to liquidate assets or upgrade equipment. By addressing these common questions and partnering with a reputable auctioneer, you can navigate the process with confidence, ensuring a successful auction experience.

Still have more questions? Our auction seller FAQs address questions you may have before, during, and after an auction. Interested in selling your used machinery? Find out how to sell your equipment at auction with Revelation Auctions today!