10′ x 20′ Messer MetalMaster Evolution CNC Plasma, 2023 – Never Installed-XPR300-Slagger


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Messer Global Control

Camera for alignment


XPR 300
VWI Gas Console
One Bevel-R
® Rotator

• 360 degree programmable rotation with no cable or torch lead wind up

• OmniBevel software

Bevel Angle Change on the Fly (BACF)
Allows interpolation of bevel angles along a line or contour. The bevel angle can be changed in “real time”
creating a continuous transition angle from the minimum to maximum torch angle. The torch stand-off height is
maintained via periodic voltage sampling, which contributes to work piece accuracy.
Plasma Station Outlet Equipment
• Station outlet consists of pre-assembled piping with regulators for selected
plasma gases. The appropriate fittings are attached to the outlet side to mate
with the Messer Cutting Systems supplied hoses
• High definition plasma cutting requires clean and dry shop air. All Messer
station outlets include a 3 stage air filter which includes a 5 micron filter for
particle removal, a coalescing filter for oil removal and an active carbon element
filter for oil vapor removal
• All station outlets have a shutoff ball valve suitable for lockout with padlock
• Station outlet to be mounted in close proximity to the X-axis powertrack entry point