12′ x 20′ Messer Titan II Plasma Cutting Line, 2008


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Titan II-12/4, 12′ Common cutting width (first three stations), with brushless AC servo drives and planetary gear boxes providing positioning speed of 1000 IPM
-The steel beam has a 8″ by 12″ cross section and is stress relieved prior to machining, all contributing to minimizing bending and twisting
-The upper “Y” axis way has one (1) piece hardened rounds on which cam rollers ride providing proper load bearing for smooth motion
-Carriage centers can be as close as 6″. A maximum of two (2) plasma systems and two (2) marking systems can be implemented. A maximum of four (4) or eight (8) total stations can be provided depending upon the beam size.
-Planetary gear boxes with near zero backlash in both “X” and “Y” axis virtually eliminate backlash providing smooth, consistent motion
-Large diameter, 3.2″, hardened pinions are used in the “X” axis to efficiently transfer the torque. The wide faced gear racks contribute to moving the heavy gantry efficiently
-A 2.0″ wide stainless steel band positions the carriages smoothly
-Proper “X” axis pinion engagement is assured via a unique spring cam arrangement
-Per ISO 230-2 Acceptance Code for machine tools, using a laser interferometer, X and Y axis motion accuracy and repeatability is targeted as follows:
–X-Axis: .018″ accuracy (in 72″ travel), .005″ repeatability
–Y-Axis: .018″ accuracy (in 72″ travel), .005″ repeatability

29.5′ actual track length, 90lb. machined crane rail with 1.0″ wide gear rack mounted to it accommodates a parking space for the gantry

21.5′ effective cut length

21.5′ longitudinal “X” axis powertrak travel
-Gleason steel-type 222R with 8″ diameter drum rollers rides between guide channels. Horizontal separator bars with precise holes accommodate hose and cable diameters to minimize wear.

Gear rack air blast
-The air purge system located on the side of each end truck cleans the gear rack (X-Axis)

Enclosed transverse axis (Y-Axis) powertrak
-IGUS energy chain, series 3480 vertical separator rods create compartments that are dedicated to electrical wiring, plasma leads, or oxyfuel hoses

Windows XP Professional
-15″ TFT Color touch screen
-> Pentium 4, 2.4 GHz processor
-> 40 GB Hard Drive
-Floppy Disk Drive 1.44 MB
-Two USB Ports
-Hand wheel/Feedrate override input device
-Fiber-Optic I/O bus communication system
-Standard ethernet network interface card

Air Conditioner:
Provides effective cooling above 105 degrees F ambient

Dust Collector Remote start / stop
Switches located in the operator station turn the dust collector on and off without the need to walk over to it

Virtual Service is available

Dual Hi-Low oxy-fuel regulator panel
-Regulates the pre-heat, flame, piercing oxygen and cutting oxygen
-Includes pierce rate control. Can be adjusted for different material thicknesses.
-Manual set-up by an experienced operator

MG Turbo Flame oxyfuel torch
-Turbo flame oxy-fuel torch to provide higher cutting speeds and lower oxygen consumption than other oxy-fuel torch designs
-Includes one set of high speed tips to cover application’s thickness range
-A tool kit including repair tools, squaring fixtures and instruction manual are also included

Messer OL200 Oxyfuel Lifter
-Increased part accuracy as a result of accurate height sensing
-Precision ball screw and dual linear guides provide a smooth and rigid platform for vertical positioning of the cutting or marking tool
-150 inch/minute vertical speed minimizes non-productive time
-Sealed bearings are virtually maintenance-free
-Maximum stroke is 7.75″

FT100 Torch Ignitor
-Has a robust flame that will ignite the torch from several inches away from the torch tip
-Manually initiated at the operator station or automatic thru the part program

Oxyfuel Station Outlet Equipment
Heat Protective Sheathing
Hypertherm HPR260 Automatic Gas Console
Messer PL-1 Plasma Torch Height Control
Sure-Stop Collision Sensor
Plasma Station Outlet Equipment