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6′ x 12′ Calypso HH126 Waterjet, 2007 – 60,000 PSI


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Width: 12′
Length: 6′
Pump HP: 60
Maximum Cutting Pressure: 60,000 PSI
Bridge Gantry X-Y Table on Uniframe
Fully Sealed Below System
Servo Controlled Z Axis with Auto Tool Lift and Nudge Jog
High Pressure Plumbing
Control Console-Industrially Hardened
PC Computer with Windows XP
Calypso’s Exclusive Software Suite From Drawing to Part
Abrasive Bulk Hopper
Digital Abrasive Metering System
Specifications Actual X Axis Travel (Bridge Travel or Width): 145″
Actual Y Axis Travels (Depth): 73″
Z Axis Travel: 6″ to Top of Bed
Z Axis Maximum Clearance: 10″ to Top of Grating
Table Size: 163.5″ b/n Side Frames
Table Depth: 79″

Motion Accuracy ( for Reference Purposes only)

Linear Positional Accuracy Over Full Travel of X & Y: +/-0.003
Over One Foot of Travel: +/- 0.0015
Repeatability: +/- 0.002
Straightness: +/- 0.003 per ft
Backlash: 0.0005 max.
Total System Foot Print: 25′ x 16′

Drive System and Guideway System

Bridge Gantry Driven from Both Sides
Machine Squareness Maintained Electronically
True closed Loop Servo Drive System Loop is Closed Back
Brushless Servo Motors
Precision Rack and Pinion Drive System/Planetary Low Backlash Gearheads
Speed Range (Standard): 1-500IPM Standard
Straight Water Cutting Speeds up to 1500 IPM
Recirculating Ball Bearing Runner Blocks on Hardened Precision Ground Ways
360 Degree Bellows Seal all Motion Components from Abrasive Invasion
Digital Abrasive Control (DAC)
Work Surface Steel Slats
Bulk Abrasive Hopper

Approximate Weight 15,000 lbs