12′ x 83′ Messer Plate Master II Oxy/Acetylene Torch Table System, 2018 – 5 Torches


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Heavy-Duty Gantry with 12′ Cutting Width
83′ Effective Cut Length
85′ Logitudinal Powertrack
98.4′ Total Rail Length
Rack and Pinion Ac Servo Drive in X and Y Axes
Maximum Jogging Speed of 1400 In/min
Cross Axis Powertrack
Slave Carriage Driven by The Band Drive
Machine Requires 480 V, 3ph Power

Equipped With:
Messer Global Control
Over 100 Years of Worldwide Expertise in The Metal Cutting Industry Has Gone Into Our Pc-Based Control, Incorporating the Latest Net Technology from Microsoft®. Our Easy-To-Use Interface and On-Board Material Database Allow Operators to Set up Quickly and Cut High Quality Parts Time After Time.
• Windows 10 Io T Enterprise 2016 Ltsb, 32-Bit
• 15” Led Color Touch Screen
• > Intel®, 2.2 G Hz, 2 Cores
• > 2 Gb Ddr3 L – Ram
• > 2.5″, 320 Gb Sata Hard Drive
• Two (2) Usb Ports
• Ether Cat I/o Bus Communication System
• Ups Battery Backup
• Wireless Hardware for Connection to Customer-Supplied Network
Remnant Plate Nesting
• Allows the Operator to Manually Digitize a Remnant Plate Using a Laser Pointer or Video Camera and Then Immediately Nest Macros, Cad Files or Cnc Programs (non-Bevel Only)
• Can Also Manually Digitize a Shape
True Shape Automatic Nesting Package
Allows the Operator to Nest Cnc Programs (non-Bevel), Cad Files or Macros on The Global Control. This Feature Minimizes Scrap by Efficiently Nesting Parts Using Complex Algorithms
Digital Video Camera
• Typically Used as An Alignment Tool, the Operator Simply Captures Points Along the Edge(s) of The Plate to Align the Part Program to The Same Angle as The Plate. Additionally, the Camera Can Be Used as A Diagnostic Tool when Used with Virtual Service™.
• This Feature Simplifies Set-Up, Reduces Cycle Time and Eliminates Scrap.
Oxyfuel Alfa “plus” Package for Plate Master
Upgrade Performance and Improve Productivity with The Plate Master “plus” Package for Oxyfuel Cutting. the “plus” Package Includes:
• Omniflow Automatic Gas Control
O the Omniflow Provides Automatic Setting and Regulation of Cutting Oxygen, Preheat Oxygen and Fuel Gas Pressures for Oxyfuel Cutting.
O in Addition, Dual Fuel Gas Pressures Can Be Set for Faster Preheating. Precise Control of The Piercing Process Is Possible Through Multiple Methods of Ramping Cutting Oxygen up To the Final Cutting Pressure.
O the Omniflow Control Unit Provides a Separate User Interface Which Contains a Database of Cutting Parameters for Oxyfuel Torches. No Look up Charts.
O Using the Omniflow Control Unit, the Operator Selects the Torch Nozzle, Plate Thickness, Torch Tip and Gas Type. the Correct Gas Pressures Are Then Automatically Transmitted to The Omniflow Gas Control Module.
O Additionally the Unit Advises the Operator of The Correct Settings for Cutting Speed, Kerf and Pierce Time. No Look-Up Chart Need Be Referenced.
O Inlet Gas Pressure at The Machine Must Be a Minimum of 22 Psi.
O up To 32 Torch Inches

• Four Messer Cutting Systems Smart Lifters Sl200 for Oxyfuel Cutting
O Increased Part Accuracy as A Result of Accurate Height Sensing.
O Precision Ball Screw and Dual Linear Guides Provide a Smooth and Rigid Platform for Vertical Positioning of The Cutting or Marking Tool.
O 600 Inch/minute Vertical Speed Minimizes Non-Productive Time.
O Sealed Bearings Are Virtually Maintenance-Free.
O Maximum Stroke Is 7.75″ (200 Mm).

• Four Alfa Oxyfuel Cutting Torches
O Magnetic Height Sensing Integrated Into the Torch
O Internal Ignition
O No Need for Sensing Rings or Additional Cables
O Ability to Sense Right to The Very Edge of The Material
O No Need for Tools to Change Nozzles
O Slag, Mill & Moisture No Longer Have a Negative Effect on The Height
O Drastically Reduces Set-Up Time
O Air Requirement: 1 Scfm at 30 Psi