12000 Watt BLM LS5 Fiber Laser, 2021- 5′ x 10′ Table


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Longitudinal Loading And Unloading
Laser – Ipg Yls-Type U 12 Kw Fiber – Compact Solid State Fiber Laser System
Precitec Procutter Zoom Ll Cutting Head I
Chiller – Ipg Closed Loop Chiller – Provides Laser Resonator Cooling
Dust Collector – for Fume Extraction
Active Piercing & Cutting Process Control
Active Nozzle Change – 18 Position Nozzle Changer with Nozzle Monitoring
Active Cut – Fly-Cut
Active Camera – Remnant Nesting with On-Board Camera and Software Must Have Lantek On-Board
Active Speed – Optimization of Cutting Parameters
Active Focus – Automatic Focus Adjustment According to Workpiece Material AndThickness
Active Mail – Automatic Machine Notifications Via Email for Production Times,
Job Completions as Well as Upcoming Maintenance Included
Supporting Grid, Fume Collection Ducting and Scrap Management for Cutting Table
Assist Gas Filtration System
Spare Parts Kit – Comprised of Consumable Spare Parts Included
Machine Installation & Commissioning
Service Hotline & Remote Support Included
Lantek Floating Cad/Cam Expert Ii – Programming Software
Lantek Software Maintenance Contract 1st Year
50 Hours Beam on Time.
Demo Machine, Has Not Run Production, Comes with 1 Year Factory Warranty.
Training and Installation Included