13.7″x14.9″ 3KW ArcamEBM Q20Plus Electron Beam Melting 3D Printer, 2017 – ~400 HRS, Powder Recovery Station, Chiller, Crated & Ready to Ship, Available Immediately!


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-Maximum Build Size: 13.77″ x 14.96″ (350 x 380mm)
-Maximum Beam Power: 3KW
-Cooling: Active Water Cooled Heat Sink
-Cathode Type: Single Crystalline
-Minimum Beam Diameter: 140 μm
-Maximum EB Translation Speed: 8,000 m/s
-Minimum Chamber Pressure: 5 x 10-4 mbar
-Typical Build Atmosphere: 4 x 10-3 mbar (partial pressure of He)
-Consumption Build Process: 4 L/HR of He
-CAD interface: Standard: STL
-Compatible Materials: Arcam EBM Ti6Al4V Grade 5, P-Mtrl, Arcam EBM Ti6Al4V Grade 23, P-Mtrl, Arcam EBM CoCr, D-Material (Machine v1.0), Arcam EBM Ti Grade 2, D-Material (Machine v1.0), Arcam EBM Pure Copper
-Electrical: 32A, 3PH, TN-S 400V, 50/60HZ
-Weight: 6128 LBS
-Approx. Dimensions (Main Unit): 94.49″W x 51.18″D x 115″H

Equipped With:
Arcam PRS 20 Powder Recovery Station
Russell Powder Sieve
(2) Nilfisk CFM Vacuums
Temptek Chiller
Trolly Lifting System