146 Ton x 10′ Amada HG1303 RM, 2017 Robotic Bending Cell


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Maximum Tonnage: 146 Tons
Bend Length: 122.4″
Open Height: 20.5″
Stroke: 9.8″
Throat Depth: 17.7″
Table Height: 37.4″
Punch Holder Hydraulic (AFH)
Approach Speed: 8.7s
Bending Speed: 0.79s
Return Speed: 9.8s
Number of Cylinders: 2
Ram Axis: 2 (D1, D2)
Backgauge Axis: L1 & L2
Backgauge Horizontal: Y1 & Y2
Backgauge Vertical: Z1 & Z2
Robot Max Load: 176 lbs.
Machine Weight: 25,355 Lbs.
Machine Dimensions: 159″ x 95″ x 121″

Equipped with:
AMNC3i Control
Panel Vacuum Hand H Type
Channel Combination Type Hand
Channel Vacuum Type Hand
Slide Vacuum Type Hand
Safety Fence with Interlocked doors
1 Load Position
2 Unload Locations
Re-gripping Channel Device Unit