150 Ton x 10′ Strippit LVD 150 BH 10 CNC Press Brake, 2005 – 5 axis backgauge, CNC Crowning, Lots of tooling included!!


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Tonnage Cap: 150 ton-USA
Overall length of bed: 10ft
Distance between housings: 8′ 4″
Stroke length: 7.8″
Open height: 20″
Closed height: 10″
3″ die height
X, Z1, Z2, R1, R2
Motor: 25hp/ 460 volt/ 3 phase.

Equipped with:
Cadman CNC Control
5 axis Back gauge
Auto Upper Tooling Clamp only.
Laser Safe Safety Feature.
Pedestal Palm Station/ Electric foot switch
All Specifications/Options Subject to Verification