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170 Ton x 14′ Trumpf TruBend Cell 5170S Hydraulic Press Brake, 2019 – Trumpf TruBend 5170S, Trumpf BendMaster (60), Trumpf Bendcell Assembly


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Press Force: 170 Tons
Bending Length:  167″
Width Between Columns: 144″
Usable Open Height: 24″
Throat Depth: 16″
Rapid Downward Movement: 8″/Sec
Maximum Y Press Operation: 0.39″/Sec
Weight of Basic Machine: 39,352 Lb.
TruBend Machine Dimensions: 195″ x 74″ x 118″

Bendmaster (60)
Maximum Carrying Capacity: 132 Lb.
Maximum Sheet Weight: 88 Lb.
Maximum Blank Dimension: 39″ x 78″
Maximum Sheet Thickness: 0.027″

Equipped With:
Bendmaster (60)
Trumpf Trubend 5170
Trumpf TASC 6000 Controller
6-Axis Backgauge Sytem
Hydraulic Upper Tool Holder
CNC Crowning
Optical Setting and Positioning Aid
Rear Work Illumination
Front Work Illumination
Extension of Floor Tracks to 8m
6 Axis Backgauge Sensor
Automatic Gripper Change Module
Conveyor Belt for Unloading 157″ x 39″
Conveyor Belt Control Unit
Vacuum Gripper
Vacuum Gripper Kit
Special Gripper
Mechanical Gripper
Sheet Loader