2013 Miller Performarc PA250M Robotic Welding Cell, Panasonic TA-1000 6-Axis Articulated Robot Arm, Under 50 Welding Hours


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**Under 50 Welding Hours**

Panasonic TA-1000 Six Axis 6kg Articulated Robot arm
Six Servo Controlled Axes of Movement
180 Meters/Min. Max. Speed
Reach: 42″ (to centerline of axis 6)
Collision Detection

Payload: 250 Lbs. at each weld station (2)
Cell Type: Horizontal Turntable Manual Main Index
Table Type: Flat Table
Table Rotation Diameter: 60″

Miller Axcess 450 Amp Welder CV/Pulse Welder
1000% Duty-Cycle Welder
Includes Mounting bracket, robot mounted wire 4 drive wire drive, drive rolls kit


Main Disconnect Switch installed and pre-wired for 460 volt, 3 phase input power
Step Down Transformer pre-wired and installed
Tregaskiss MIG air-cooled 500 amp Torch and Robotic Torch Mount
TCP quick check station
Lighting option


Tragaskiss Torch reamer, cleaner, and wire cutter