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24 kW Budzar DSFA-1536-FCB-S1-SP, 2022 – Self Contained, Outdoor, Air Cooled Chiller – NEW IN CRATE, NEVER USED (2)


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Machine Type: Chillers
Make: Budzar Industries, LLC
Model: 202210-43779-1
Year: 2022
Machine Location: Upon Request
Stock #: 498233

24 kW Budzar DSFA-1536-FCB-S1-SP, 2022 Self Contained, Outdoor, Air Cooled Chiller:

Refrigerant: R-507A/23 LB

Design conditions:
– Entering-water temperature (EWT) = 59 degrees F
– Leaving-water temperature (LWT) = 14 degrees F
– Ambient Temperature: 95 degrees F
– Capacity: 24 kW (81,890 BTU/hour) cooling with the flow rate shown below

Refrigeration circuit:
– Single 15 HP hermetic scroll compressor
– Capacity control is via compressor staging and hot-gas bypass
– Pressure transmitters
– Copper brazed stainless steel plate type evaporator
– Aluminum-finned, copper tube condenser coil surface
– Condenser cooling via propeller type fan – 7.5 HP squirrel-cage blower
– Condenser heat of rejection: 127,493 BTU/hour

Water circuit:
– Vertical multi-stage pump, 1-1/2 H.P. Chiller pump flow rate = 32.3 GPM (17,546 pounds per hour of 50% ethylene-glycol/water mixture by weight) @ 40 PSIG
– 60 gallon 304 stainless steel divided reservoir tank with external insulation
– Liquid-level sightglass
– RTDs
– One (1) flange mounted electric immersion heaters with stainless steel elements rated 33 kW

Electrical information:
– 460 volt, 3 phase/60 hertz electrical supply required
– Total Amp draw is 85.2 amps
– NEMA 4 rated electrical enclosure houses the following: Motor starter(s)/contactors, All electrical devices including: fuse holders, fuses, SSR motor overloads, disconnect switch, power distribution block and cover, transformer, refrigeration valve control board, phase monitor, crankcase heater contractors, and the controls listed below, and heater contactor

– Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC with power supply, processor, all necessary input/outputs, and color touchscreen operator interface with weather proof cover
– SCR heater control
– Compressor suction pressure, temperature and superheat
– Compressor discharge pressure
– Liquid refrigerant temperature and sub-cooling
– Evaporator inlet/outlet temperature
– Compressor pump status
– Selectable controlled parameters (supply/return temperature)
– Head pressure control via fan motor cycling

– Approximate dimensions: 50″ L x 68″ W x 70″ H
– Approximate weight: 900 lbs

All specifications are assumed to be correct but must be confirmed by the purchasing entity.