4,000 Watt IPG YLR LaserCube Fiber Laser, 2018 – 4′ x 4′ Table


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X Travel: 48.25″
Y Travel: 48.25″
Z Travel: 2.9″
Laser Power: 4,000 Watts
Max. Speed Cutting: 2362 ipm
Materials: Stainless/Mild Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Laminated Foils
Positioning:±0.001 in.
Reliability: ±0.0001 in.
Cutting Surface: Telescoping Drawer with Metal Saw Tooth Cutting Points
Removable Debris Collection Bin; 200 lbs Load Capacity
Process Gas: Electronically Controlled Pressure Regulator for Gas up to 250 psi (1,725 kPA) Regulator for Cutting
Inputs for Two Cutting Gasses. On/Off & Pressure Controls

Power: 208-230 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 3 PH, 7000 W, 30 A Breaker

Dims (LxWxH): 86″ x 103″ x 73″
Weight: 7987 lbs.