4000 Watt Mazak Hypergear 510 CO2 Laser, 2006 – 5’x10′ Table


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Machine Type: CO2 Lasers
Model: Hypergear 510
Make: Mazak
Year: 2006
Capacity: 4000 Watt

Maximum Laser Power: 4000 Watts
Table Size: 5’ X 10’
Positioning System Design: Linear Drive with Flying Optics
Type of Resonator: Co2
Rated Wattage: 4,000 Watts
X Axis Travel: 120”
Y Axis Travel: 60”
Z Axis Travel: 3.9”
Number of Tables: 2
Max Workpiece Size: 120” X 60” X 1”
Max Workpiece Weight: 2,050 LBS
CNC Control: Mazak, Mazatrol PreView Graphical Controller
Programming method: Intelligent Method and EIA/ISO Method
Input method: MDI Key Input Point Device
Input Port: USB 1.1 X 3 Ports – for Program and Data
Input/Output: for Keyboard Mouse Connection
Memory capacity: Hard-disk 20 GB (Program Memory Capacity: 10GB
Network Port: LAN Port (for Communication with External Unit)
Servo System Specification: Digital Position Detector: Encoder
Approx. Weight: 32,500 Lbs
Voltage: 230/460
Panasonic 4,000 Watt CO2 Resonator, Side Air Blow, Ultra High Pressure Piping, Auto Power Off, Nozzle Kit, One Additional Torch, Three Try Restart, Auto Torch, Auto Nozzle, Auto Focus, Two Shuttle Tables, Flying Optic design and under 19,200 Hours Laser On Time.

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