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5’x12′ Weeke Optimat BHP008 Vantech512 CNC Router, 2014 – Available Immediately, Load/Unload, Vacuum Pump


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Table Size: 145″x61″
Maximum Workpiece Thickness: 100 mm
Positioning Speeds: 72 m/min (x), 62 m/min (y), 25 m/min (z)
X/Y Vector Speed: 96 m/min
Spindle HP: 12 KW (16 HP)
Number of Pneumatic Pop Up Pins: 3
Router Spindle Speed: 1,250 – 24,000 RPM
Air Volume Requirements: 1900 CFM
Consumption Volume: 600/700 NL/min
Electrical: 480 V/ 3PH/ 60 Hz
Total Connected Load: 27.5 kW

Equipped With:
12 KW (16 HP) HSD Air Cooled Spindle w/ HSK63 Taper (24,000 RPM)
8 Position Tool Bar
Automatic Tool Length Sensor
7 Position Drill Bank
Unload Rake and Outfeed Conveyor Table
Safety Light Curtains
7719.2 hours

Approx. Shipping Weight: 7,716 Lbs