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5’x8′ ShopSabre Pro-408 CNC Router, 2020


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Table Bed Cut Area: 60” x 100” (Multiple Head/Pins/Vacuum/Dust Dock Options Designed for 4×8 sheets)
Gantry Clearance: 12″
Maximum Travel Speeds on X & Y: 1200IPM with Servo Motors
Maximum Travel Speeds on Z: 800IPM with Servo Motors
Z Travel: 16”

Machine Weight: 3700 lbs
Machine Foot Print (Including Gantry): 80” x 135”
Machine Structure: Steel Tube Frame- Welded

Equipped With:
Gantry Structure: Over-Sized Steel Tube Bridge with Tube Steel Uprights
Drive System: Dual Y Axis Anti-Backlash Harden Steel Ball Screw by THK/HiWin
Bearing System: 25MM Linear Guide Rails and Bearings with Quad Roller Sets and Triple Seal by THK/HiWin
Controller: ShopSabre WINCNC Advanced Controller
PC System: Included with SSD Hard Drive and PCI Controller Board Installed
Networkable: Yes