6,000 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed, Insulated, and Agitated DCI Mixer Kettle, 2000- Side Scrape Surface Anchor and Turbine Agitation


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Machine Type: Mixers
Make: Generic
Model: Mixer Kettle
Year: 2007
Machine Location: California
Stock #: 677326

-316L Stainless Steel process Kettle
-6000 Gallon total capacity
-135PSI Jacket @ 300°F Insulated
-Full bottom and side scrape surface anchor agitator , 30 HP motor
-Secondary Turbine agitator, 20 HP motor
-Dual hinged cover with agitator bridge.
-(3) 1.5″ Tri-Clamp Sprayball Inlets
-(2) 2″ Tri-Clamp Tangential Outlets
-(2) 3″ Tri-Clamp Outlet
-Option for third agitation.
-Inner Dimensions: 132″ D X 96″ Straight
-Outer Dimensions: 139.5″ D x 196.5″ H
-Manufactured by DCI in 2000

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