70 Ton x 8′ Baileigh PPTK 70/25 CNC Press Brake, 2018 – Tooling Included, Light Usage


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Tonnage: 70
Bed Length: 8′
Approach Speed: 2.0″ / sec.
Bending Speed: .6″ / sec.
Distance Between Housings: 80
Distance From Table To Ram: 14″
Distance Per Stroke: 4.7″
Back Gauge Motor: 1/2 hp
Power: 220V / 3-phase
Minimum Return Speed: 2.36″/ sec
Dimensions: 135″ x 66″ x 90″
Throat Depth: 9.8″
Approx. Weight: 9300 LBS
CNC x-axis

Tooling and Tool rack in photos included in the sale.