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9′ x 4′ Weeke Optimat O KDF 540 2C CNC Router, 2005


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Number of Vertical Drilling Spindles: 12
Vertical Drilling Spindle Power: 3.3 HP
Number of Horizontal Drilling Spindles: 6
Horizontal Drilling Spindle Power: 3.3 HP
Drilling Speed: 1,500-7,500 RPM
Router Spindle Power: 12 HP
Router Speed: 1,250-24,000 RPM
Tool Clamping System: HISK-63
Tool Magazine Capacity: 5 tools
X-Axis Grooving Saw Power: 3.3 HP
Saw Blade Diameter Required: 100mm
Vacuum Pump Capacity (2 Vacuum Pumps): 250 m3/hr each (500 m3/hr total)

Machine Space Left-to-Right: 209.85″
Machine Space Front-to-Back: 153.54″
Height of Machine: 93″
Height to Dust Collector Port: 83.07″
Working Height – Top of Vacuum Table: 36″
Working Length: 108″
Working Width: 48″
Max. Workpiece Thickness: 4.92″
Max. Drilling Depth for Through Holes: 1.496″
Machine Weight: 4,900 kg
Axis Stroke; Positioning Speed for X-Axis: 60 m/min
Axis Stroke; Positioning Speed for Y-Axis: 50 m/min
Axis Stroke; Positioning Speed for Z-Axis: 20 m/min
Max. Router Position – Y-Axis: 60.79″