Accutek Packaging Filling Line For 2oz Bottles, 2018


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(1) 2018 Accutek Turntable – 48″ Diameter Unscrambling Turntable, Model: 28-048-usa
(1) 2018 Accutek Turntable – 48″ Diameter Accumulation Turntable, Model; 28-048-aca
(1) 2016 Domino Ax350i Inkjet Printer
(1) 2018 Accutek Bottomless Conveyor, Model: 26-b02-rba,
(1) 2018 Accutek Auto-mini-pinch Automatic Timed Flow Volumetric Filling Machine, Model: 00-001-000,
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(1) Reverse Osmosis System, 1000 Gpd Repressure Pump Pressure Tank And Fittings U.v. System For Disinfection With Prefilter
(1) Perma-san Model 300 Ovs 300-gallon Vertical Cylindrical Ss Single Shell Mix Tank
(1) Lightnin Model Xj-30 Clamp Mount Mixer 220v Single Phase Step Up Inverter To 230v 3phase Power
(2) 2018 G3 Recirculating Shrink Tunnels, Model: 33-0a0-026, 2015, 220v
(1) 2018 Accuteck Svf1-8 – Single Head Piston Volumetric Filler, Model: 02-002-000
(1) 500 Gallon Cone Bottom Holding Tank
(1) 2018 Accutek Sleeve Label Applicator. Sl1-100the Sl1-100 Is An Automatic Sleeve Label Applicator. Model: 42-sl1-100
(2) 2018 Accutek Sanitary Conveyor Assembly – 4 1/2″ Wide Stand Alone Sanitary Style Conveyor Assembly. Model: 26-st45-sa0