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Aerco BMK 1000 Hydronic Boiler, 2022 – Minor Cosmetic Issue


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ASME Working Pressure: 160 PSIG
Electrical Options: 120/1/60 20Amp (13Amp FLA)
Gas Requirements: 14” W.C Maximum
FM Gas Train: 4.0” W.C. Min.@ Full Load
DBB (IRI) Gas Train: 4.5” W.C. Min.@ Full Load
Water Connections: 3” Flanged 150lb ANSI
Vent/ Air Intake Connections: 6″
Gas Connection: 1” NPT
Min./Max. Water Flow: 25 GPM / 175 GPM
Water Pressure Drop: 3.0 PSIG @ 100 GPM
Control Range: 50°F to 190°F
Ambient Temperature: 0°F to 130°F
Compact Footprint (25”D x 28”W x 78”H)
Weight (dry): 700 Lbs.

Minor Cosmetic Damage, Still Fully Operational