Afemac SC-100 Empanada Dough Cutter, 2019 – With Automatic Flour Mill


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Compact Design
Made of Stainless Steel, Powered by Four Gearmotors and a Pneumatic Cylinder.
Changeable Heads for Different Cutting Diameters, From 80 mm to 310mm.
Equipped with Maintenance-Free Gearmotors.
Chrome Head Gauge Rolls.
It Works with Rotary Blades, Individually Cutting Each Disc with the Separator.
System for Separating the Dough and Excess Film. Fully Automated
The Cut Discs, with Their Corresponding Separator, Are Neatly Stacked in Programmable Quantities on a Collecting Tray.
Safety System for the Operator and the Machine.
Electronic System with PLC or Electromechanical.
Production 700 Doc./Hr. (Depending on Diameter of Cut to be Made)

Voltage: 220V