AIMS Revolution HB 8.10.6 Shop Floor CMM System, 2018


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HB 8.10.6 CMM frame:
-linear ball slides
-Renishaw Fast Track Scales/encoders

Renishaw UCC controller:
-Jog box or hand controller
-Renishaw PH20 Probe Head
-Renishaw TP20 Module
-Renishaw Modus software

X Axis Travel: 760mm (30”)
Y Axis Travel: 1015mm (40”)
Z Axis Travel: 610mm (24”)
Scale Resolution: .0001mm (.000004”)
Dimensions: 2038 mm(80”) L x 1339mm(52”) W x 2590mm (102”) H
Machine Weight: 2500 kg (5500 lbs.)
Max. Part Weight: 680 kg (1500 lbs.)
ISO: 10360 E µm 4 + L/200
ISO: 10360 R µm 4
Mean Significant Temp. Change: +/- 2⁰ C (+/-3.6⁰F)
Temperature Range: 15⁰-40⁰C (59⁰-104⁰F)
Floor Vibration Frequency Range: .002mm (.00008”) P-P, 5 to 50 Hz
Maximum Velocity (Vector): 250mm/s (10”/s)
Maximum Acceleration (Vector): 700mm/s² (28”/s²)
Air Requirements: No Air Required
Power Requirements: 90-220V, 15A Max.

Equipped with:
Renishaw UCC Machine Controller / Tower Computer / Renishaw “Modus” 5 Axis Measurement Software Renishaw PH20 Probe Head
20″ Flat Panel Monitor

*** Pictures are stock photos. This machine is in the box and never been used***

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