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API Omnitrac 2 Laser Tracker With vProbe, 2018 – Includes Brunson Tracker Stand


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Machine Type: Lab Equipment
Make: API
Model: Omnitrac 2
Year: 2018
Machine Location: Upon Request
Stock #: 927428

Range of Measurements:
Linear Range (Diameter): 200 m (with selected targets), 160 m (525 ft with 80m target)

System Performance:
Azimuth Range: ± 320º (640º end to end)
Elevation Range: + 79º / -59º
Angular Resolution: ± 0.018 arc seconds
System Angular Accuracy: 3.5 μm/m*
System Resolution: 0.02 arc seconds
Maximum Lateral Target Speed: 180º / sec
Maximum Acceleration: > 2 g
Maximum Battery Life: 6 hours (internal battery, Capable of hot-switching with External battery)
Internal Level Accuracy: ±2 arc-second
Internal Level Range: ±2 degrees

IR Laser (ADM-Maxx™): Class I (eye safe)
Accuracy: ± 25 μm or 1.5 μm/m* (which ever is greater)
Resolution: 0.1 μm

OperatingTemperature: -10º C to > 45º C
Storage Temperature: -10º C to 60º C
Barometric Pressure: 8 mmHg – 825 mmHg
Relative Humidity: 10-95% non-condensing
Altitude: -700 m – 3000 m

Autolock (Automated Target Search):
Full Range Pointing Accuracy: 2”
Field Of Vision: ±12.5º (diagonal)

Tracker Weight: 10.9 kg (24 lb)
Tracker Size: Height: 43 cm (16.95 inches)
Width: 19.8 cm (7.8 inches)

Equipped With:
1.5″ Standard SMR
0.5″ Standard SMR
1.5″ Precision SMR
50mm Scribe Tip
50mm w/3mm Ruby Tip
100mm w/3mm Ruby Tip
100mm Carbon Fiber Ext.
1.5″ Relocation Nests
Calibration Tripod
Standard Toolkit
Brunson Tracker Stand

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