Busellato Jet 200RT CNC Router, 2005 – Off load table, 24,000 RPM, C-axis, HSK


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Aluminum router table
48″ x 120″ “Matrix” Grid Flat Table
X-Axis: 121.2″
Y-Axis: 49.2″
Z-Axis: 8.1″
5.51″ Max. Material Thickness
Two (2) Vacuum zones with foot pedal
Pneumatic reference pins
Vacuum gauges
Ports for vacuum cups
Assortment of vacuum pods
*Not Included: Vacuum Pump

16 HP
Ceramic Bearings
1,000 – 24,000 RPM
CW/CCW rotation
C axis
Air blast nozzles

Equipped with:
Automatic Tool Changer – 15 Positions
Machining aggregate for use with C Axis
CNC Rotation
Manual tilt
Capable of using drill bit, router bit or saw
Remote tool change position on RH end of machine
Intended for aggregates or large tools
Drill Unit
Nineteen (19) vertical spindles
Six (6) horizontal spindles in x axis
Two (2) horizontal spindles in y axis
X axis grooving saw
4 HP Motor
Off load device with overhead dust collection
Pneumatic blast gate
Dust plenum between machine table and offload table
Offload table Included: 132″L x 48″W x
Control Cabinet
“Genesis Evolution” Operating Software
PC Control (Windows OS)
Standard keyboard and mouse
Barcode Scanner
Remote Control pendant
Size: 72″Lx24″Wx74″H
Front safety mats
Mat on RH end is damaged and not
Front safety line
Safety fencing
External electrical transformer
20″L x 18″W x 20″H
Installed tool holders and tooling
Machine dimensions as set-up in photos
132″L x 108″W x 96″H
Separate Dimensions for Outfeed Table,
Control Cabinet and Transformer