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CNC Factory Sidewinder XPR CNC Router, 2022- Available Immediately!


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Table Size: 4’ x 8’
X-Axis Width: 49″
Y-Axis Length: 97″
Z-Axis Height: 11.5″
Z-Axis Clearance:
*Up to 4.5” clearance with unloading arm
*Up to 7” clearance without unloading

Footprint: 99.5″ x 152″ x 101″ H Approx.
Weight: 7,200 lbs. Approx.
CNC Machine and Vacuum Pump:
208-240 Volts, 3 Phase

Speeds: 1200 IPM Cutting, 2200 IPM Rapid
Spindle: 12HP air-cooled ATC spindle with
manual release
Carousel ATC:
• 8-position ISO-30 servo controlled rotary
carousel ride-along ATC tool changer (8
• Eight (8) ISO ER-30 tool holders and ER
wrench included
• Auto tool length measurement sensor

CNC Controller:
• 5th generation 21” touch screen industrial
control center with handheld controller
and easy button operation
• Syntec electrical control with PC front end
• Built-in continuous operation file saving
and production override with speed
• G-Code compatible with virtually every
CAD and woodworking software.
• Tool wear history with built-in alarm
stops, USB, WiFi, ethernet,
work coordinates and on-screen
Network Communications: Windows 10
front end with ethernet ready connection
and WiFi compatible
Cooling: On-board integrated air
Software Installed: KCD Software option.
The Sidewinder is compatible with
virtually all G-code
Servo System: Yaskawa 5G encoding
system with self-adjusting servo
Repositioning: Acceleration and
deceleration working and repositioning
within +/- .001“

5G CNC Inclusions:
• 12HP ATC air-cooled spindle
• Driverless servo system with helical rack
& pinion
• No machine homing or calibration
• 8-tool rotary carousel with rapid 8-second tool change
• Driverless mobile control center with
21” touch screen, wireless remote & HD
• Automatic material alignment pins,
loading wheels, and unloading arm
• Robotic cleaning
• Zoned dual-layer, high-flow vacuum table
• Automatic vacuum communication
• Auto tool length, pressurized lubrication,
robotic dust skirt
• Space-saving integrated robotic wiring
• On-board air-conditioning
• 8 ISO-30 tool holders & 1 ISO tool
• Pre-wired for Plug & Play add-ons