DMG Gildemeister Sprint 65 Linear Multi Axis CNC Lathe, 2006- Fanuc Control, Three Turret, Twin Spindle


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Carriage 1:Longitudinal travel (Z-axis) 220 mm
Transversal strocke (X axis) 165 mm
Carriage 2:Longitudinal travel (X-axis) 125 mm
cross travel (Z-axis) 165 mm
Y axis 80(+50/-30) mm

Turret slide: number 3
C-Axis for Main and Counter Spindle
Y-Axis for Slide 3
Bar Capacity- 65mm

SMW BBD175 Self Centering Chuck for Pickup Spindle
Saco MPT65/140 Collet for Axial movement
Main Spindle 5000 RPM

12 Rotating Tools each Station
Max Tool Speed 4000 RPM
VDI 30 Tool System
Hydraulic High Pressure and Filtering System
Swarf Conveyor
Workpiece Unloading

Control: Fanuc 310iA