DMG Mori CTX beta 1250 4A, 2015 – Multi Spindle, Y axis, C axis, Live Tooling, LNS Quickload Barfeeder, less than 300 hours of cut time.


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Maximum Work Piece Diameter: 13.4″
Maximum Work Piece Length: 44.7″
Maximum Bar Diameter: 4
X Axis Travel: 11.8″
Y Axis Travel: 4.7″
Z Axis Travel: 46.1″
Weight (Approximate): 14,500 kg (31,900 Lbs.)
Equipped With:
Siemens 840D CNC Control
4 Axis Machining
(2) 12 position VDI 40 Star Turrets (4000 rpm, 15.2 hp, 20.7 ft.-lbs. torque)
Main and Counter Spindle (5000 rpm, 64.4 hp, 265.5 ft.-lbs. .torque)
Hydraulic Hollow Clamping Attachment Main Spindle
Clamping With Balanced Pressure For Main Spindle
Chuck Rinsing Device Main Spindle
3 Jaw Power Clamping Chuck Schunk NCD 315-115
TWIN Concept for Parallel Processing
Main Spindle with C Axis
Sub Spindle with C Axis
Upper Turret with Y Axis and Live Tools
Lower Turret with Live Tools
Hinge Type Chip Conveyor
LNS Quickload Servo S3T Bar Feeder