DMG Mori NLX 2500/700 CNC Lathe, 2019 – Live Tool, Y Axis


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Max. workpiece diameter: 14.4″
Max. workpiece length: 49.4″
Max. bar diameter: 3.5″
Max. X-axis travel: 10.2″
Max. Y-axis travel: 3.9″
Max. Z-axis travel: 53″

Equipped with:
LNS barfeed is not included
Control M730UM with CELOS – ERGOline Touch
High-output spindle 26/26/22 kW, 4,000min-1
Standard spindle 11/7.5 kW, 6,000min-1
Chuck for Main spindle
KITAGAWA 10in. Hollow Chuck
Hollow Cylinder set for KITAGAWA 10in. Hollow Chuck
Chuck for Counter spindle
KITAGAWA 6in. Hollow Chuck
Solid Cylinder set for KITAGAWA 6in. Hollow Chuck
Turret : Y-axis
Rotary tool spindle 40/ 14 Nm, 10,000 min-1
12-station bolt-tightened turret (standard specification)(Y, SY, SMC)
Overhang of O.D. cutting rotary tool: 100 mm (limited Y-axis travel)
Spindle 2 tailstock specifications
Coolant supply / Chip removal
Usable Coolant Type: Water-Soluble Coolant
Interface for Chip conveyor (right discharge)
High-pressure coolant system
Interface for Super-high-pressure coolant system
Measuring / Monitoring
Manual in-machine tool presetter (pivoting type) (STD)
Manual in-machine tool presetter (removable type)
Signal lamp 4 colors (Red, yellow, green, blue)
Standard workpiece unloader (built-in type)
Spindle 2 workpiece ejecto
Interface for Bar feeder
General Options
Setting Unit inch
Technology Cycle
26 Alternating speed J-015571 1 885.00 USD
Options for Control
Addition of optional block skip (soft key type 2-9)
X-Axis Direction JIS / ISO Standard
Screen Text Language
Screen display English
Some but not all tool holders included.