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Fanuc Robodrill A-D21 LIB5 CNC VMC, 2018 – Auto Door, Chip Blaster, Tool Setter, Automation Robot


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X Axis Travel: 19.68″
Y Axis Travel: 15.74″
Z Axis Travel: 12.99″
Rapid Rate X Axis: 2,126 IPM
Rapid Rate Y Axis: 2,125 IPM
Rapid Rate Z Axis: 2,125 IPM
Table Size: 25.59″ x 15.74″
Max Table Load: 661 LBS
Spindle Motor: 15 HP
Spindle Speed: 10,000 RPM
Spindle Taper: BT30 BIGPLUS CT
Tool Changer: 21 ATC
Dimensions: 70″ x 80″ x 100″
Weight: 5,000 LBS

Equipped With:
LNS Turbo Conveyer
Automatic Door
Chip Blaster
Optical Tool Setter
Hardware for 8M Functions for External Applications
Mounting Bracket
M4 D5 L50 Stylus
Hose Kit
Electrical Kit
Renishaw Quick Set Up Package
Fanuc INSP Plus

***Pairing Automation Robot to Go Along At Additional Cost***