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GL5-100 Modern PLC Control Roller Compactor/Dry Granulator, 2020


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Production Capacity: 66-265 lbs/hour
Diameter of Pinch Roller: 200 mm
Width of Pinch Roller: 100 mm
Power of Pressing Motor: 5.5 KW
Power of Feeding Motor: 1.5 KW
Power of Granulating Motor: 1.5 KW
Power: 380V/50Hz

Footprint (LxWxH): 4’-6”x3’-1”x9’3”
Control Box / PLC (LxWxH): 1’-6.5”x1’-11.5”x3’-9.5”
Vibrating Sifter (LxWxH): 3’-6”x1’-11”x1’-11”
Feeder Diameter (Top of feeder): 1’-8”
Roller/Wheel Size: 4”
~4,200 lbs