Gould & Eberhardt G&E #72H Gear Hobber (3)


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Max. DP in Steel 1.5 DP
Face Capacity 36″
Max. Dia Spur Gear w/ Support 48″
Max. Dia Spur Gear w/o Support 80″
Max. Dia Helical Gear w/o Sup (45 Deg) 72″
Min Centers Work & Hob Arbors 3″
Max. Diameter Hob 10.75″
Diameter of Work Table 40″
Diameter of Index Worm Gear 48″
Hob Speed Ranges 6 – 100 RPM
Feed Range .03 – .200″
Main Motor 15 HP
Dimensions 16’x8’x11′
Weight 35,000 lbs

Equipped with:
3 Parts Arbors
7 Change Gears

*Machine was running production when unhooked and packed for shipment 1/30/2019
*Full list of tooling available upon request
*Head Angle Adjustment is worn but works
*Hob shifter adjustment handle does not work- Needs adjustment gear