Haas DT-1 VMC, 2019 – 4th Axis Ready, WIPS, HSM, 15K RPM Spindle


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Table Size: 26″ x 15″
X Axis: 20″
Y Axis: 16″
Z Axis: 15.5″
Spindle Nose To Table (Max): 21.5″
Spindle Nose To Table (Min): 6″
Spindle Speed: 15,000 RPM
Spindle Taper: BT-30
Spindle Motor: 15 HP
Rapids on X,Y,Z: 2400 IPM
ATC: 20

Equipped With:

HRC-210 Rotary Table
4th-Axis Drive and Wiring
Chip Tray Filter Kit
Automatic Coolant Refill
High-Speed Machining
Wireless Intuitive Probing System
Chip Auger
Early Power-Failure Detection Module
HaasConnect: Remote monitoring
User-Definable Macros
Spindle Orientation
Coordinate Rotation and Scaling