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Haas MDC-500 Mill Drill Center VMC, 2010 – WIPS Probing, 10K Spindle, Chip Conveyor


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Table Size: 20″ x 12.75″
X-Axis Travel: 20″
Y-Axis Travel: 14″
Z-Axis Travel: 20″
Rapid Traverse Rate: 1000″ / Min

Spindle Speed: 10,000 RPM
Spindle Power: 20 HP
Spindle Taper: CT40
Auto Tool Changer: 24 + 1 Positions
Auto Pallet Changer: 2 Positions

Approx Dimensions: 134″ x 104″ x 113″
Approx Weight: 16,000 lbs

Haas CNC Control
Wireless Intuitive Probing System- Renishaw Probe
24 Position Automatic Tool Changer
2 Position Automatic Pallet Changer
P-Cool Programmable Coolant Nozzle
Remote Jog Handle
Chip Conveyor/Chip Auger
Approx 3,500 Cutting Hours