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Hartness 835 Automatic Descending Drop Case Packer


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-Capable of speeds from 5 to 25 cases per minute with number of product per case depending on materials, application and case pack pattern.
-Case size range: 7″ – 22-1/2″ (Length) x 5-1/2″ – 16-1/2″ (width) x 2″ – 20″ (Height).
-Has a container size range: 2oz to 2 gallons and can handle glass, and plastic round containers of various sizes and shapes (all with proper change parts).
-Equipped with servo driven product laner in feed conveyors, to Control panel has A/B CPU controller and A/B PanelView touch screen display with start, stop, reset, e-stop controls and statis light bar.
-Mounted on heavy duty base frame interlock safety guarding and leveling legs.