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Heat and Control MM-6-24 Sanitary Direct-Fired Frying System, 2010


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Product and Process Parameters of Last Use:
Product: Fried Pork Rinds
Production Rate: 400 to 500 Lbs./hr.
Product Weight: 3/16 oz.
Product Size: 1″ x 1″
Infeed Temperature: 70° F
Output Temperature: 250° F
Product Frying Temperature: 380-400° F
138″L x 60″W x 97″H with hood raised, minus 30″ from height when hood is in the lowered position
Length of fryer basin- 108″, width- 36″
Electrical Requirement: 208V/3PH/60HZ

FRYING VESSEL: Constructed of 304-type stainless steel, 12-gauge, direct-fired immersion heating tubes. Tube spacing provides access to frying vessel bottom for ease of cleaning. Standard v-type vessel bottom tapers from discharge end to feed end for proper drainage.
DRAIN: One 2″ drain provided at feed end and one pipe nipple at discharge end in the center of tank wall as an optional oil return for filtered oil.
CONVEYOR: Designed to lift vertically and completely free of frying vessel by use of standard mechanical-type chain fall.
CONVEYOR: Side plates are constructed of type 304 polished stainless steel. All belts are driven by sprockets and rollers to eliminate excessive wear on belts. All drive rollers and idler rollers have either ball- or needle-type bearings, or bushings, suitable for use in high-temperature application, with grease fittings.
SUBMERGER: With same belt as product take-out conveyor, designed to allow submerger belt to penetrate oil to desired product depth, and is synchronized with product take-out conveyor. Submerger belt fitted with 2″ stainless steel product flites every 12 inches to ensure positive movement of product during the frying cycle.
LIFT ASSEMBLY: Consisting of four motorized jackscrews tied together to one reversible motor. The jackscrews will raise the hood and also elevate and separate submerger and main belt for access and ease of cleaning.
CABINET: Constructed of polished type 304 #4 polished stainless steel complete with self- contained sectional-type hood and covers. Hoods are sectional for easy access for cleaning.
FRAME CONSTRUCTION: Consists of 2″ x 2″ square tubing, stainless steel. All uprights are 2″ x 4″ for proper vessel support. All joints are completely welded for sanitation purposes. Cross supports under tank are provided to minimize tank stress when in operation.
FRYING TIME: Precision-controlled by a turn of the dial, allowing various frying cycle ranges by use of electric remote control mounted on switch panel together with all other switches. The range will be selected as per customer needs. The switch panel can be mounted on the wall near the fryer.
FRYING TEMPERATURE: Precision-controlled by use of a digital temperature-indicating type thermostat monitoring the temperature in the frying vessel, assuring uniform temperature throughout the frying cycle.
OIL DE-MISTER: Pair of washable de-mister pads provided in steam exhaust ductwork to minimize oil mist exhausted. Drip pan is provided to prevent drip-back into frying oil.
ALL UTILITIES AND VENTILATION CONNECTIONS: Are built into this equipment and terminate at back of equipment.
COMBUSTION SYSTEM: Premix type, consisting of gas vari-set mixing valves, combustion air blower, and jet-type firing nozzles in each heating tube. Each bank of burners is tied in a series to a flame monitoring system. This will ensure complete shut down of fryer if any or all banks fail. High and low gas pressure switches, low air pressure switch, and air flow switch provided. All are pre-vented for customer convenience. One high oil temperature safety shut down control and low oil safety shut off provided. All vent lines to terminate in back of fryer at one location.
BLOWERS: One steam blower and one flue exhaust blower provided.
PRE-WIRED CONTROL PANEL: A wall-mounted, stainless steel control panel will be furnished. The panel will contain one electric temperature controller, start/stop push button, and miscellaneous control devices for equipment furnished by Heat and Control. The panel will be prewired to terminal strips.
Note: Control panel is provided with separate, 3-phase connection and single-phase connection.
HEAT AND CONTROL COMBUSTION DIAGNOSTIC SAFETY SYSTEM: This unit provides first out alarm annunciation for various combustion system safety devices. The Diagnostic Safety System is set up to monitor all primary safety devices. When an alarm condition occurs, the Combustion Diagnostic Safety Device shows all existing alarms with the first out alarm LED flashing. The alarms are latched so that indication exists even if the alarm condition clears itself. The Combustion Diagnostic Safety System substantially reduces the trouble shooting time trying to identify which safety shut the equipment down.